Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I survived...barely

Well, it's official. The day I've been dreading for five years finally came and amazingly, I survived it. Alexandra started kindergarten yesterday!
She woke herself up nice and early and was so excited to start school. During her bath the night before she told Phillip, "I've been waiting for this day my whole life!" We walked her to school and she got to play on the playground for a little while before her teacher called her into class, then she went in and class started. I, of course, stayed outside with a dozen other parents and peeked through the windows to see what was going on. I was very proud of myself because I managed to hold my tears in until I was walking away, then let them flow! Being the paranoid and always-worried mother that I am, I parked my car in front of the school during her recess to watch her play and to make sure she was having fun. I didn't want to look like some creepy stalker so I sat in the back seat so nobody could see me through the tinted windows. I know, a little crazy but it made me feel better. When I picked her up and asked how her day was she said she was a little sad because she didn't learn how to read yet. Grrr, now I feel like a jerk for not teaching her sooner!

Grace started preschool on Monday, and I wonder if I'm a terrible mom for being excited for her.
She actually went to preschool during the spring and loved it, so this wasn't such a huge transition for us. She is enrolled in a special ed preschool so she is able to receive the physical therapy and occupational therapy services she needs. She was so excited to go to school and had such a great time! It makes me so happy to see my girls enjoying themselves while doing something so productive.

After school we took the girls to the Children's Garden and waterfall at Thanksgiving Point. Phillip and I are such smart parents that we forgot to bring our stroller...oops! We managed, though,and had such a great time.
On Monday I wanted to do something really fun with Alexa since it was her last day of freedon before starting school, so we went shopping for shoes (she decided she loves shopping with that what happens when you actually buy them things?) then went to Kid Barn.
We had such a great time playing on all the inflatable slides and just being silly. I loved spending time with her, just the two of us, and I hope I never forget the way she'd giggle as she'd show me her favorite places to play. She kept grabbing my hand to pull me around saying, "Come on, Mommy!" and we'd laugh and giggle and run around, and just play. Sometimes I forget how fun it is to just play without worrying about laundry or dirty kitchens or making beds, or whatever.


Missy said...

I am totally laughing at you being the "Stalker-During-Recess!" Hilarious, but I can totally see it! I'm actually glad that I have one more year with Taz, so I have no room to talk!

Kristin said...

I guess it was easier for me because I got to stay at the school! Just wait until it is yor last one that your sending to things! It blows me away!

Lindsey Stubler said...

Oh Mar, Alexa looks so big in those pictures. How sad! She's going to have so much fun this year! You're a good mom.

Britney said...

I love that you parked outside and watched during recess. So funny! I cried too, such a bitter sweet thing to have your first start school. Your girls have the cutest clothes!

Denice and Noah said...

Let's hope they don't put out warnings for your vehicle description! ;) Cute pictures and I'm so glad the girls had so much fun and were so excited!