Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is where the girls have been sleeping the past three nights! I made them a fort on the floor at the foot of our bed. They have been having so much fun with their little flashlights reading books and camping out together. And I must admit, I LOVE knowing all four of my girls are safe and sound in our room. (even Sophie sleeps in our room, although that's a nightly thing!)


Tonight in Adelle's prayer she asked that Heavenly Father "please bless the Holy Ghost so strangers won't get him." And "please bless the Holy Ghost so nobody will eat him." She also recently asked that Heavenly Father "please bless that Mommy will do the laundry." What?! (ok, so I was a little behind...) I love listening to this girl pray!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cool Girl

This is how Sophie took her nap this afternoon. Is that just too cute?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My reward

Phillip is at school right now so I'm on my own getting the girls to bed. This is not an easy task and tonight has been an unusually rough night. There was a mysterious substance residing at the bottom of the bathtub. I'm still hoping it was pieces of the chocolate chip cookie I let Sophie eat in the tub, although I can't be sure. Regardless, it made it difficult to keep the rest of the girls calm while I quickly bathed them. Then, Sophie pooped on the floor in her bedroom. On the carpet. Gag! I guess I should have put her diaper on sooner! I think I cleaned up each spot of her trail of poo from her room to the bathroom. Back in the bath for Sophie! And this time I know exactly what was in the water. Gross! Adelle changed her jammies three times before settling on some warm fuzzy pink ones, but only after throwing a fit because I wouldn't let her wear a swimsuit to bed. Oh summer, how we miss you. (Doesn't every mother let their daughter wear a swimsuit to bed during the summer?)

Now here is my reward. The girls love sleeping in our bed. We have a king size bed just for this reason. Alexa, Grace, and Adelle are snuggling together on mine and Phillip's pillows while I snuggle Sophie to sleep at the foot of the bed. How I love my big bed! Sophie habitually relaxes herself by running her fingers through my hair and tonight is no exception. She just finished singing herself to sleep. Grace was calm and relaxed without her usual anxieties and gagging episodes that occur at bedtime. I can hear the other three girls deeply breathing and I think, "life is good". I can't help but say a prayer and thank Heavenly Father for this moment. I needed this.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tom and Jerry

When Adelle is tired she likes to lay in my bed and watch "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. Today she told me, "Mom the cat's name is Tomin, and he's mean to the mouse named Jerry." Tom and Jerry, or Tomin Jerry. It's all the same!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Poor Barbie

Phillip: Adelle, is your Barbie sick?
Adelle: No, she's dead
Phillip: Oh no, how did she die?
Adelle: Ken ran over her with his car.
Phillip: Why?!
Adelle: Ken didn't like her anymore so he killed her with his car

Phillip to me: This is like something out of a soap opera!