Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something funny Alexa said

The other day Alexa said to me, "Mom, you were right, I do have brains!" That in and of itself is funny enough, but the fact that she was pointing to her ribs made it hilarious! I have since corrected her on where things are.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay, I know...

...I have been a HUGE blog slacker!! I'll do my best to catch up and be brief. Alexa and Grace had a dance recital on December 19th and they were so darn cute! This is Alexa's third year taking dance classes and Grace's first year. Alexa was so cute and sassy up on that stage and loved every second of it. Grace was just as cute as could be and tried so hard to move her little legs. I was so proud of my girls!!

We had a really nice Christmas and spent a lot of time with each of our families. Phillip's family celebrates together on Christmas Eve, while my family celebrates together on Christmas Day. I always feel so grateful that we get along so well with each other's families and that we don't have to worry about contention and disharmony on the holidays. My grandma made Alexa and Grace each a scrapbook and Grace was sooo excited looking at the pictures. She kept yelling, "finallee! It's my birthday!" or, "finallee! I'm in my dress-up!" It was hilarious listening to her yell as loud as she could in her cute, raspy little voice. We absolutely loved all the snow we received during the week of Christmas. My parents were very generous and gave us their old snowblower this year so Phillip kept peeking out the window every few minutes waiting for the snow to be deep enough to clear off. It was so funny seeing all the men in the neighborhood out with their snowblowers at the same time.Adelle has become quite the little diva and is so much fun! She just turned nine months old and I would love to just freeze her at this age for awhile. She has mastered crawling up and down the stairs and is a difficult little girl to contain. I recently re-organized the girls' playroom so that she can play in there now and she just loves being one of the girls. Her absolute favorite thing (next to me!) is taking a bath. She is turning into a little chatterbox and says "bath", "hi", and "dad". When she's not practicing her words she is singing or yelling. Super-cute! I love these pictures of her because they capture a bit of her vibrant personality:

Alexandra has been sick with the stomach flu all week and it has put such a damper on her Christmas vacation. Poor baby has been throwing up constantly and was getting dehydrated so I took her to the e.r. this afternoon. They gave her some anti-nausea meds to help keep her liquids down and she seems to be doing much better this evening. We're all praying so hard that no one else in the family gets it.

School has been going really well for me and has kept me very busy. I am liking massage a lot, but am not enjoying being away from my family so much. I am almost one-fourth of the way through (yea!) and I hope the time goes by quickly. I look forward to graduating and being home with my girls more, but am doing my best to excel in my classes. Suprisingly, the class I was most afraid to take, anatomy and physiology, has turned out to be my favorite!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question of the day...

The other day Alexa was asking questions about death and she asked, "Mommy, does Heavenly Father come to get us or do we just flap our hands?" How cute is that!

A house divided

There is a reason why Phillip and I don't watch the BYU v. Utah game together each year:
Yet we still love each other. (Go Utes!!)

Grace can jump!

Grace learned how to jump while we were in California and I think it is just the cutest thing!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The best vacation ever!

We had the BEST vacation to California and I'm so excited to post some pictures. Warning: this may be a long post! During our drive down we stopped in St. George to see Phillip's grandparents for an hour and had such a wonderful visit. They are both such sweet people and we felt so blessed to be able to spend a little time with them. We spent four days in Disneyland before driving down to San Diego and spending a day at Sea World. I never realized how exhausting it is to go to Disneyland with three active little girls but it was so much fun! Our first day there I had to laugh because each member of my family (Phillip and me, my dad, my mom, and my three sisters) were each holding something that belonged to us as we were waiting to get on the tram to go into the park. There were seven adults and between each of us we were holding Adelle, Grace, her walker, two strollers, my backpack, and the girls' hoodies. I said, "how many people does it take to get the Olson family to Disneyland!" We were so grateful that my family came with us...not only were they very helpful but the company was great too!
The first ride we went on at Disneyland was Snow White and I was a little worried that Grace would be afraid and cry. Suprisingly, Alexa cried and Grace was fine! Grace was so unpredictable because the rides we thought she'd love, like Peter Pan, she absolutely hated; and rides we thought she'd be a little afraid of, like Pirates of the Caribbean, she absolutely loved! Alexandra loved Splash Mountain and the river-rafting ride, and they both adored Dumbo. (I remember my Grandpa Mallonee taking me on the Dumbo ride when I was three years old!)

The girls had so much fun meeting the characters and getting their little t-shirts autographed. The princesses and fairies were so sweet to them and paid extra-special attention to Grace.

Our third night there we ate dinner with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto and the girls were in heaven! (So were Phillip and my dad!) Alexa was so excited to meet Aurora and told her that they had the same kind of hair. It was very cute watching them compare their golden locks.

As for myself, I got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow and was pretty excited about that. But dangit, why did I have to close my eyes for the stinkin' picture! (this one's for you, Gina!)I love this picture of Adelle and Alexandra's Tinkerbell doll:

I feel like our vacation was just so much fun that I can't even write about it all! We just had so much fun being together as a family and watching our girls experience the magic of Disneyland for the first time. Alexa could not have been happier with all the new experiences, and Phillip and I were so impressed by how well the employees at the park took care of Grace's special needs. I was so excited to be home after such a long and tiring vacation, but I was so sad to leave Disneyland. I can't wait to go back again!

I found this picture from when Phillip and I went in 2002 when I was pregnant with Alexa:

And here we are now!

Family Pictures

I just wanted to post some family pictures that our friend Tiffany took for us. Check out her studio on my side bar under Tiffany Moody Photography.Don't I have the most gorgeous sisters? And I just love this one of Adelle!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Husband Tag!

I'm such a nerd and just realized that people have been tagging me with different tags for a long time and I never noticed! I keep seeing people being tagged and have thought, "how cool for them, wish I was that cool" and it turns out, I am that cool! Anyway, I thought I'd answer this one since it's all about my favorite person in the whole wide world. Sorry everyone whose tags I didn't notice.
1.Where did you two meet? West Jordan High School
2. How long did you date before you got married? One year and ten days
3.How long have you been married? 8 years and 14 days
4.What does he do to surprise you? For our anniversary he suprised me with a little getaway to Little America, and today I came home from school to a spotless house. He even washed the windows!!
5.Favorite feature about him? Oh, do I have to chose just one?
6.Favorite quality about him? Really, just one? I love what a good daddy he is and how he'll even play "dollies"
7.Does he have a nick name for you? Boo, Bug, Sweets (that's my favorite!), Babe
8. What is his favorite color? Cougar Blue (ugh)
9.What is his favorite food? If you were to ask him he'd say anything I made. I know, he's just that sweet. Really though, he loves spicy Mexican food or steak.
10.What is his favorite sport? He loves to play basketball with his brothers. His favorite sports to watch are basketball and football.
11.Who said "I love you" first? He did
12.When and where was your first kiss? Outside his house in January, 2000
13.Favorite thing to do as a couple? Anything! We love being with our girls, but those rare moments when it's just us are so wonderful. We love going out to eat together, or just cuddling up under our "dating blanket" in front of the tv.
14.What is a hidden talent that he has? Housekeeping. He loves a clean house and is so wonderful at keeping it that way. Thankfully he is patient with me when I don't do such a great job at keeping my mess cleaned up!
15.Where was your first date? It was to a BYU dance at the Tivoli Art Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City.
16.How did he propose? We were on a date downtown and took a walk through Temple Square. He led me to one of the water fountains and told me that he wanted to take me to the temple to marry me someday.
17.What do you most admire most about him? Wow, there are so many things about Phillip that I just love and admire. He always puts his family before anything else and works so hard to make sure we are taken care of. He has such a charitable heart and is always finding ways to serve other people. I am so blessed that I get to be his wife and I love him so much!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween (sorry, I know it's late)

We had such a fun Halloween this year and ended up with way too much candy. I recycled costumes from previous years so Grace and Alexandra wore sunflower costumes I made and Adelle was a pea pod. They all looked so darn cute! The weekend before Halloween we went to a party at Primary Children's Medical Center for the Hydrocephalus Parent Support Group and had such a blast! They provided a hot dog dinner (one of the girls' favorites!) and lots of games. I think their favorite game was the pumpkin walk where they each earned a painted pumpkin. Grace loved hers so much that she even slept with it during her nap the next day!Right after that party we rushed to Phillip's work for the annual trunk-or-treat. We actually missed the trunk-or-treating (which was fine by me!) but still got there in time for the yummy sugar cookies and chocolate milk. They also took tons of family pictures and gave the girls tons of candy so everyone was happy. Halloween night we took the girls trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and pulled Grace in our red wagon. We had dinner with my family and grandparents and had a nice time visiting with them.

Since we were busy preparing to leave for our vacation the next day we didn't have time to carve pumpkins as we had planned. Thankfully Alexa improvised and didn't know that you don't traditionally carve a pumpkin without gutting it first. She was content to just carve a face in it and stick glow-sticks inside to make it glow. It kind of broke my heart at first, but I was so relieved that she didn't know the difference and was still happy. I love how she included cheeks and eyelashes on her pumpkin. She is definitely a girl!

Just to let you know...

...I am terrible at leaving comments! I just want everyone to know that even though I do read all your blogs, you may not know I was there because I don't always comment. Sorry!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture Perfect Baby

I am so bad at keeping my blog updated...ugh. These are Adelle's six-month pictures we had taken at Fotogenix and I don't think they could be any cuter! Maybe it's because I have such a beautiful little baby...anybody know of any modeling agencies! ha ha.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My little ballerinas...and more!

Last Saturday we took the girls to the circus and had such a good time! The loud and crazy clowns were a little much for me, but it was fun anyway. The elephants and tigers were really neat and the acrobatics were amazing! I don't know if I would go back again, it's a little too silly for me, but I'm so glad we went!
Grace had her first dance class this week and I was just so excited! Alexa has been taking dance for a couple years and she has had such a good time that I wanted Grace to be able to dance, too. I asked Alexa's teacher if she knew of anyone who taught children with disabilities and she offered to teach Grace. Yea! Grace had her first class on Tuesday and was just so cute! I made the girls new tutus and Grace was so excited to get all dressed up just like her big sister. During class she mostly just watched the other girls, but every once in awhile I'd see her move her little feet and she grinned through most of the class. She really enjoyed herself and is excited to go back next week. Their teacher said she was really happy to have Grace in her class and is going to choreograph some of the routines around Grace's abilities.

Alexa's class this year is a little more challenging for her so she is liking it a lot. At her spring recital she won the trophy for the best dancer in her age group and this trophy was just huge! She was so excited and I was a very proud mommy. I love seeing her improve in her abilities and having so much fun doing it. Plus, I think she makes a beautiful little ballerina! (And so does she!)Adelle is getting to be just so much fun! She definitely has a mind of her own and has no problem letting you know who's the boss. Her! She is in constant motion, just like when I was pregnant, and seems about ready to take off crawling. Yesterday she pulled herself up onto her knees and was rocking back and forth. She's so funny because she will be happy one second, then literally out of nowhere she is screaming! Not crying, but just a high-pitched, yelling, do-what-I-want-right-now-or-else scream. She has also become quite an early bird lately. Around 6:45 am each morning she is up and ready to play. She has a loud voice and loves to use it, so she just talks and yells and wakes up the whole house! She usually ends up in bed with Phillip and me sometime during the night (I know, I'm a softie) so when she wakes up she rolls back and forth between us until one of us agrees to play with her. This morning she honked my nose, sucked on my arm, and pulled my hair until I gave her my attention. She is such a sweet baby and I just love having her in our family.Phillip has been in misery this week with kidney stones. Sunday he came home from church not feeling well (I stayed home sick) and after getting worse and worse we ended up in the emergency room around 10:00 pm. They stabilized his pain with an IV then sent us home around 4:00 am. Phillip passed a stone on Tuesday morning and was feeling great most of the day, but then during the night he had a total relapse with a second stone. Yesterday, I think, was his worst day yet, but he has made some improvements today. Poor guy has been absolutely and completely miserable and I feel so sad for him. I'm praying he passes this stone quickly and can get back to normal soon. Alexa and Grace have been so sweet trying to take care of Phillip and keeping him company in bed. When we told Alexa what a good girl she was for taking care of her daddy, she said, "That's why Heavenly Father sent me to you."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The sweetest thing

I haven't been feeling well this week so yesterday I decided to take a nap while Grace and Adelle were napping. Alexa was so sweet and sat on my bed and colored pictures while I slept, and took good care of her mommy. She would rub my head, sing me lullabies, and made sure I was tucked in nice and snug. I was so grateful that she let me get a nice little rest in, but she couldn't understand why I wasn't all better when I got up! Well, last night I was cleaning my bedroom and I found this note on my bed:

Translation: "I hope you feel better Mommy. From, Alexandra Olson" along with a few #9's. I thought it was so cute that it actually brought tears to my eyes! (That, combined with the fact that I am just so tired!!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My little star!

Alexa was chosen to be the "Star Student" for her class this week, so my mom and I made a cute little poster about her life. Thank goodness my mother is so good with things like this because she helped me make Alexa's poster look really nice. Alexa drew a cute picture of our family to put on her poster, and we made a list of her favorite things. These are Alexa's favorite things in the whole wide world:
· Macaroni and Cheese
· The color pink
· The movie, “Barbie in Rapunzel”
· Charlie and Lola cartoons
· The Disney Trivia game
· Playing Frisbee
· Playing with my sister, Gracie
· The songs, “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus” and “I love to see The Temple
· Jell-o with fruit and whipped cream
· Pupcakes (cupcakes)
· My vacations to Wyoming and to the beachGoing to church and having BBQ’s
We also made little strips about her: "My birthday is July 26, 2003", "I have two little sisters; Grace and Adelle", "When I grow up I want to be a mommy and a massage therapist"

Monday, September 22, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

When I first began blogging I said that I probably wouldn't be very good at keeping our blog updated. I've tried to be more diligent with my updates, but unfortunately I've been keeping my promise. Sorry!
Well, I'll start with the "good" (even though originally it was the "ugly"!) After living in our home for a year and a half I've finally decided to refinish our kitchen cabinets. What I thought would be a three or four day weekend job turned into a ten day project! Argh! I felt really cool buying an orbital sander, a nail gun, and using my dad's big scary saw. After awhile I was wishing I had a tool belt! I forgot to take a "before" picture, so this is the best I could find:
After days and days of sanding, cutting, priming, painting, nailing, glazing, drilling, and installing, here is the finished product:

We painted 19 cupboard doors, 14 drawer faces, a lazy susan, a bread box, and the cabinets, then installed completely new hardware. A big job, but definitely worth the work.

Now for the "bad". Last night we tried feeding Adelle her fist taste of rice cereal and she thought it was very, very bad! She would even slapt the spoon out of my hand when I tried feeding her! She's a funny baby because she knows exactly what she wants and there is no compromising. (Isn't she too young to have an opinion!?) She absolutely will not take a bottle, and she only likes mommy to feed her. You can imagine what this means when we try leaving her with people. Anyway, I tried mixing her cereal with formula and then with water, but she didn't like either one. It was so funny watching the faces she'd make!She was a happy girl after we stopped feeding her, and decided that her tray tasted better!Now, for the "ugly". We spent all of Saturday afternoon in the emergency room with Alexandra while she had surgery on the middle finger of her left hand. Poor baby got her finger stuck in the hinge of the rear passenger door of Suzanne's Jeep and damaged it pretty bad. I was upstairs in my bedroom doing Grace's hair when Phillip and Alexa came running in; she was screaming and Phillip was helping her hold her bloody finger out to show me. We immediately wrapped it in a towel, put ice on it, and rushed to the hospital.

She ended up with a fracture on the tip of her finger and broke the nail bed, completely detaching the fingernail. After taking some x-rays a plastic surgeon repaired her finger. She was so afraid and upset that I asked them to give her Verced to help relax her, and I'm glad I did. The repair was so traumatic but she doesn't remember a thing about it. When I ask her what she remembers about the hospital she says she can remember them taking pictures of her finger, them giving her medicine (Lortab), me singing to her and rubbing her back, Daddy rubbing her face, and getting some medicine in her nose (Verced). I couldn't believe how well it worked! She was given two shots near base of her finger and she just screamed and screamed (I told her she could scream and cry as much as she wanted because those hurt!), then when they thought she was numb the doctor began removing her fingernail. At this point they realized her finger wasn't actually numb (ouch!) so they gave her another shot behind her top knuckle. In then end, he stiched her nailbed back together, then re-attached her fingernail to act as scaffolding to guide her new nail back in. We go back in a couple weeks for them to remove those stitches, along with another one she needed to repair a severe cut. The doctor hopes that she'll have a normal fingernail.

She was so wasted and exhausted when we brought her home, but a couple hours later she was up and playing with her cousins. I feel like she has had a miraculous recovery because she has needed very little pain medicine, even though they told us she would be in a lot of pain. It is so hard to see your child go through such an enormous amount of pain (the surgeon said this is a difficult procedure to perfom on adults, let alone children!). One of the most heart-breaking things for me was that she had to miss a princess birthday party she had been looking forward to all week. We had her little Cinderella dress all laid out with her glass slippers and jewelry, and I had just finished styling her hair in a pretty little up-do. She was so sad she missed the party, but our friends were sweet and brought the party to her when she was feeling better.

Here is a picture of her finger, all bandaged and pretty. (I know, I know, it's her middle finger but I just couldn't help myself!)

Here is a picture of Grace all dressed up after the princess party:

One more bit of "good" news...I've decided to go back to school! Am I crazy!? I will be attending Eagle Gate College downtown to take a course in massage therapy and I am so excited!! I begin October 27 and my last day of work at 1-800 CONTACTS is October 10. It was a really hard decision for me, but after a lot of trial and error with schools and schedules I've made the decision that is absolutely the right thing to do. I always pictured massage therapy as just slapping lotion on somebody's back and rubbing it in, but I've found there is so much more to it than that. I am so excited to heal people and to make them feel good. I think I can do a lot of good for Grace and I'm looking forward to volunteer work. I found a posting for Primary Children's Hospital and they're asking for volunteers to come give parents of hospitalized children 15 minute massages. I cried when I read that and told Phillip, "I want to do this!" I can't wait to heal people's bodies and souls. Anyway, wish me luck!