Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anchor your furniture!!!!!

Today one of my worst fears came true. Growing up in Southern California and experiencing earthquakes has always made me a little cautious with furniture and I worry about my girls pulling things down on themselves. I keep telling myself that I need to anchor my heavy furniture to the walls but of course get distracted and forget. Tonight I had a bloody reminder of how important it is to do this.

Phillip and I were cleaning our basement and rearranging furniture when Alexa asked if she could use some yarn to knit a scarf for me. (How sweet is that!) I sat on a couch and watched as the cupboard I keep my yarn in came crashing down on her. It was one of those things where I'm yelling, "Move!" and trying to run to her and everything was happening in slow motion, but all too fast. Next thing I know she has blood streaming down her hair and the back of her sweater, and blood is covering my hands. Um, scary!! Once we got the bleeding under control and the blood cleaned up it wasn't too traumatic, but she did end up with two staples closing the wound. Poor baby was so brave throughout the whole thing, but I can't help and feel extremely guilty for neglecting to make my house safer. I am very grateful, however, because I know this situation could have been much, much worse.

On a humorous note, after it happened she asked me, "Are my brains coming out!?". Then before bed tonight she was pressing on her temple and asked if she lost some of her brains because her head felt soft there.

This is her journal entry for tonight:And her stapled wound:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dress-up and Movie nights

I just thought these pictures were way too adorable not too post!

Meet Rohnan!!

Phillip and I have completely lost our minds and adopted a yellow labrador retriever. Crazy!! We've been thinking about getting a puppy for awhile and have been looking around on the internet, then came across this big guy on KSL and fell in love with him. When we saw him and learned more about him we decided an adult dog (he's about five years old) would be much easier than a puppy. So, we met his family and they decided to let us have him! Hooray! I was so nervous all evening, waiting for their call, hoping they would choose us, and acted like a silly little girl when they did. We were really excited because purebred labs are really pricey, but this family gave him to us for free. They already have an older lab and a little girl and decided two dogs was just too much, but still loved him very much. It was so sad when the family dropped him off and the wife left crying. We are very grateful they chose us to be Rohnan's new family, and our girls are absolutely ecstatic!!! Besides, he may be Phillip's only boy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Princess Weekend

I just found this post that I accidentally saved as a draft. Oops! This all happened mid-November:
A few weeks ago Grace and I were invited to attend a "Tea Party" at Shriner's Hospital with Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother. Oh my gosh, what a dream for Grace! She dressed up in her Cinderella ballgown, had her hair done up pretty, and even had the lipstick. There were about 24 other girls there with their mothers and the girls were able to make a crown, eat lots of yummy food, and meet a princess. I am so happy that Shriner's has activities like this for their patients. Grace definitely felt like a princess herself that afternoon.The next afternoon Phillip and I took the girls to see Disney Princesses on Ice and had so much fun! Phillip is such a good dad to endure two hours of watching princesses ice skate (although, some of them were awfully pretty!).

Little Dancers

Alexandra and Grace had their Christmas recital on December 18. They each did such a wonderful job and both had me in tears. Alexa did her own solo number in addition to the two with her class and did so well! She looked like a little princess up there. Grace has improved a lot since last season and even did a little turn in her walker. So cute!!!