Monday, September 22, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

When I first began blogging I said that I probably wouldn't be very good at keeping our blog updated. I've tried to be more diligent with my updates, but unfortunately I've been keeping my promise. Sorry!
Well, I'll start with the "good" (even though originally it was the "ugly"!) After living in our home for a year and a half I've finally decided to refinish our kitchen cabinets. What I thought would be a three or four day weekend job turned into a ten day project! Argh! I felt really cool buying an orbital sander, a nail gun, and using my dad's big scary saw. After awhile I was wishing I had a tool belt! I forgot to take a "before" picture, so this is the best I could find:
After days and days of sanding, cutting, priming, painting, nailing, glazing, drilling, and installing, here is the finished product:

We painted 19 cupboard doors, 14 drawer faces, a lazy susan, a bread box, and the cabinets, then installed completely new hardware. A big job, but definitely worth the work.

Now for the "bad". Last night we tried feeding Adelle her fist taste of rice cereal and she thought it was very, very bad! She would even slapt the spoon out of my hand when I tried feeding her! She's a funny baby because she knows exactly what she wants and there is no compromising. (Isn't she too young to have an opinion!?) She absolutely will not take a bottle, and she only likes mommy to feed her. You can imagine what this means when we try leaving her with people. Anyway, I tried mixing her cereal with formula and then with water, but she didn't like either one. It was so funny watching the faces she'd make!She was a happy girl after we stopped feeding her, and decided that her tray tasted better!Now, for the "ugly". We spent all of Saturday afternoon in the emergency room with Alexandra while she had surgery on the middle finger of her left hand. Poor baby got her finger stuck in the hinge of the rear passenger door of Suzanne's Jeep and damaged it pretty bad. I was upstairs in my bedroom doing Grace's hair when Phillip and Alexa came running in; she was screaming and Phillip was helping her hold her bloody finger out to show me. We immediately wrapped it in a towel, put ice on it, and rushed to the hospital.

She ended up with a fracture on the tip of her finger and broke the nail bed, completely detaching the fingernail. After taking some x-rays a plastic surgeon repaired her finger. She was so afraid and upset that I asked them to give her Verced to help relax her, and I'm glad I did. The repair was so traumatic but she doesn't remember a thing about it. When I ask her what she remembers about the hospital she says she can remember them taking pictures of her finger, them giving her medicine (Lortab), me singing to her and rubbing her back, Daddy rubbing her face, and getting some medicine in her nose (Verced). I couldn't believe how well it worked! She was given two shots near base of her finger and she just screamed and screamed (I told her she could scream and cry as much as she wanted because those hurt!), then when they thought she was numb the doctor began removing her fingernail. At this point they realized her finger wasn't actually numb (ouch!) so they gave her another shot behind her top knuckle. In then end, he stiched her nailbed back together, then re-attached her fingernail to act as scaffolding to guide her new nail back in. We go back in a couple weeks for them to remove those stitches, along with another one she needed to repair a severe cut. The doctor hopes that she'll have a normal fingernail.

She was so wasted and exhausted when we brought her home, but a couple hours later she was up and playing with her cousins. I feel like she has had a miraculous recovery because she has needed very little pain medicine, even though they told us she would be in a lot of pain. It is so hard to see your child go through such an enormous amount of pain (the surgeon said this is a difficult procedure to perfom on adults, let alone children!). One of the most heart-breaking things for me was that she had to miss a princess birthday party she had been looking forward to all week. We had her little Cinderella dress all laid out with her glass slippers and jewelry, and I had just finished styling her hair in a pretty little up-do. She was so sad she missed the party, but our friends were sweet and brought the party to her when she was feeling better.

Here is a picture of her finger, all bandaged and pretty. (I know, I know, it's her middle finger but I just couldn't help myself!)

Here is a picture of Grace all dressed up after the princess party:

One more bit of "good" news...I've decided to go back to school! Am I crazy!? I will be attending Eagle Gate College downtown to take a course in massage therapy and I am so excited!! I begin October 27 and my last day of work at 1-800 CONTACTS is October 10. It was a really hard decision for me, but after a lot of trial and error with schools and schedules I've made the decision that is absolutely the right thing to do. I always pictured massage therapy as just slapping lotion on somebody's back and rubbing it in, but I've found there is so much more to it than that. I am so excited to heal people and to make them feel good. I think I can do a lot of good for Grace and I'm looking forward to volunteer work. I found a posting for Primary Children's Hospital and they're asking for volunteers to come give parents of hospitalized children 15 minute massages. I cried when I read that and told Phillip, "I want to do this!" I can't wait to heal people's bodies and souls. Anyway, wish me luck!


Denice and Noah said...

Goodness Marianne..lots of news! I can't believe you did those cabinets yourself. They look amazing!! Congrats on going back to school and I hope you enjoy it. So sad about poor will have to keep me posted on how it heals and how she is doing. Hang in there!!

Kristin said...

jGood luck with everything!!! I hope Alexa heals well and quickly! The cabinets look great too!