Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This evening I sewed a cord cover for a lamp hanging in my family room. I put my sewing needle in a drawer of the tv armoir where I've been keeping my sewing stuff (I was hiding the quilt the girls and I made for Phillip there). This is the same drawer we keep our wii games and remotes. The spirit told me not to put it there since that drawer gets used so much, but I ignored the prompting since I was in a hurry. An hour later Alexa was getting ready to play the wii, the needle fell out, and she stepped on it. It broke in her foot and she spent a painful hour and a half at the doctor's office while he dug the broken piece out. What a way for me to learn a lesson! Why couldn't it be me who stepped on it?! Better yet, why didn't I listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost. Ugh.

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