Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anyone Feel Like a Run?

Most of you know that Grace participated an intensive physical therapy program through a non-profit organization called Now I Can. She had therapy four hours a day, five days a week, for three weeks in Provo. Wow! Her session was an extremely exhausting and emotional experience for her (and us!) and she developed life-changing skills that have helped her in ways that no other therapy could. Before therapy Grace couldn't take more than three steps in her crutches, and now she walks the hallways at church. Before therapy we believed that the best ambulation she would have would be in crutches, but now we have hope that someday Grace will walk COMPLETELY independently! What we have received from our experience at Now I Can is priceless, and we look forward to her next three-week session in August.

On May 14th Now I Can is hosting its annual Run to Walk in Provo. It's a 5k/1 mile walk or run, and we want to invite you all to join us! Obviously, we will love you whether you participate or not, but we would like to give everyone an opportunity to participate in such a neat event. (We recently participated in the Hydrocephalus Association's annual walk and kept it a secret, then had people say, "why didn't you tell us!?" So, now we're telling EVERYONE!)

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested. This is our first time and we are super excited! Also, please let me know if you decide to register so that I can let Now I Can know who we have recruited (we get $ off her session for each person we recruite).

I've been a super-slacker in getting this info out and the walk prices increase on Friday. Oopsie! So, if you decide you want to do this please register TODAY! (Or tomorrow, I guess. haha!) Complete info on the race is at http://www.runtowalk.com/.

Thank you all for your constant loving support of Grace and her efforts.

PS...Again, please don't feel any obligation...we know its an early morning and not close to home. We will be walking in the Hydrocephalus Walk in August so there will be another opportunity to walk for Grace if you want to! :0)

Here is the link to Grace's video of her last session at Now I Can. Grab your tissue and enjoy! 


Cheri said...

I would if I could! Have you put a link to this blog or information on Facebook? You might be able to reach more people. Good luck and have fun!

Michelle said...

Hey you guys! This walk sounds so fun we're signing up our whole family for the 1 mile walk. So happy to hear Grace is doing well!!

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