Friday, January 23, 2009

The results are in

Adelle's blood work came back today and she is mildly anemic. Wierd! Her hemoglobin count is 11.9 and it should be somewhere between 12.1 and something. (I sort of have selective hearing!) So she'll be on iron drops until she is re-evaluated in a couple months. I'm so suprised because she is such a happy and active little baby, and my experience with anemia is just the opposite. Hmm. I've never heard of a baby with anemia...anyone have any experience? was my first day working in the massage clinic at school and it went really well. Phillip was so sweet and came to be my first client to ease my nerves. What a doll to pay for a massage he could get at home for free. My other client was a fellow student who requested me! Sweet! I'm so relieved to have this first day over with so I don't have to be quite so nervous anymore.


Britney said...

How strange she's anemic. What made your Dr. want to check?

Glad your first day at the clinic went well. If I was closer, I'd be sooo there!

Dan and Melissa said...

I love your blog background! And I just love your whole cute little family! I'm so glad you're enjoying your massage classes. I told Dan that he needs to babysit one Friday so I can get a cheap massage from a wonderful massage therapist (in the making;)