Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Phillip!

I'm a few days late posting this, but Happy Birthday to my Phillip! He turned 31 on January 14th and I feel so happy to be married to him. He is a wonderful husband and does such a great job being daddy and mommy while I am in school right now. I am so proud of how hard he works to provide for our family, and to further his own education.My family gave Phillip the hugest balloon I've ever seen, and after displaying it in our home for a few days we let it go outside. It was fun seeing how long we could see it floating away (which was a very long time!)
I accomplished a long-time goal on Friday night...I cooked my first roast. I know, what kind of wife am I since I've been married for eight years and have never cooked a roast?! I guess I've just been a little intimidated. Well, I finally decided to do it and it turned out so yummy! I was so proud of myself! (Thanks, Mom, for all the cooking tips!) Alexa has been into watching "Man vs. Wild" with Phillip this week, and right before dinner they watched Bear Grylls kill and eat a snake. Gross! So all during dinner Alexa kept saying, "I love dead meat!" I really think she meant to say "roast beef", but dead meat was fresh in her brain. So from now on I'll be putting "dead meat" in my slow cooker!

This past week has been finals week at school and I'm so proud to say that I aced all five of my classes. Hooray! I think that my wardrobe to school on Thursday was a good indicator of where my stress levels had been. Lorianne (my sister who is taking this course with me) and I rode Trax to school on Thursday and when I was getting out of the car at the train station I realized that I had forgotten to put shoes on. Whoops! I was still wearing my slippers! So I had to ride the train, walk around downtown, and take my anatomy final in my slippers. Some people (especially some people at Wal-mart and silly high school girls) think it's okay to make dirty slippers a regular part of their wardrobe, but I'm just not that girl. Lucky for me, Grace had an appointment at Primary Children's Hospital so I called Phillip and he took some shoes to the appointment for me. After my final I caught another train and met him at the hospital to get my shoes. Needless to say, my slippers went right into the washing machine when I got home.

Grace face-planted in her walker on Friday and got a big fat lip. My poor baby. She of course cried and cried at first, then was so brave and didn't even complain afterward. It is times like this that I let myself feel frustrated about the struggles she faces. Most days I cope really well with her disabilities, and some days I don't. I was talking to Lorianne about this on the way to school one morning and expressing a concern I have. Does the Lord think me ungrateful for the trials I am given when I express my sadness and frustration for Grace's struggles? I hope not, because it's too hard to be brave every day.

Oh, that sore on her bottom lip is what is left of a cold sore I gave her. Yeah, just imagine the guilt I felt after realizing I gave my daughter the herpes virus! Ugh.


Nathan said...

Thanks for the invite, again! I keep a link to the blog on my copmuter at work and check it a couple of times a week. I love to read about all the things going on in your lives. Kellie and I haven't started a blog...yet. Thanks again!

wjmom said...

All my love to you and to your family! I'm so sorry about Gracie's fall. I'm thrilled about your finals (and not a bit surprised)! I'm really proud of all that you've accomplished, and I think the Lord is going to give you Brownie points for doing it with a smile ALMOST all of the time!

wjlarsens2 said...

Way to go---you're pretty amazing to keep up with all that you do and still find time to be such a good wife and mom to Phillip and the girls. We love you are are super proud of you! love GINA

Kristin said...

We all want the best for our children and our sad at the trials and struggles they go through - just remember that even Heavenly Father had to remove himself rather than watch Christ suffer on the cross. I don't think you're complaining - only wanting the best and the most for your little girl