Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Vacation to No-man's land!

We had such a wonderful time visiting Phillip's brother Ryan, and his family, in Burlington, Wyoming. Alexa and Grace had so much fun playing with their cousins and we had a great time visiting with everybody. All but two of Phillip's siblings were able to come so there was a very full and loud house, but it was so much fun! The town of Burlington makes a big to-do about Pioneer Day so we kept busy celebrating for a few days, then some of us took a detour through Yellowstone on the way home.
On Friday morning the guys played in a golf tournament, then played basketball in the school gymnasium that afternoon. It was fun watching Phillip and everyone play ball, but I think the highlight for Grace was finding "dead flies" behind the bleachers with her cousin Abby.

We had a birthday party for Alexa and Sydney Friday night and ate "bug-cake". (Teeny tiny bugs kept flying in and the ceiling was covered with them! Donnie and Ryan (Phillips dad and brother) were literally vacuuming them off the ceiling while we all tried to protect our food!

Saturday morning we watched a little parade and Alexa had a great time running through the fire hose.
Afterwards there was a little program and lunch at the church, then that evening they had a family dance, also at the church. Grace and Alexa had so much fun at the dance, but I think Grace was the little star. She walked in using her little walker and was squealing with delight! She was bobbing her little head in time to the music and kept yelling, "I'm dancing!" During one of the dances everyone held hands and danced around in a circle, and somehow she ended up in the middle of everyone. She was so happy and laughing so hard thinking everyone was dancing for her! It was a very emotional experience for me because it was the first time I've seen Grace be able to participate in a group like that, just like everyone else. Usually she is sitting on the sidelines laughing and smiling at everyone having fun, but not being able to play. This time she was part of the group and thouroughly enjoying herself. I'm mad at myself for not taking video of her initial reaction to the dance...I was too preoccupied laughing and crying watching her.

On Sunday we went through Yellowstone and let the kids play at Yellowstone Lake. Alexa was covered in sand but the mess was worth it because the kids had a blast. Alexa was just screaming with excitement everytime she splashed in the waves.

That night we stayed in the Stubler's RV rental (talk about luxury!) then went to Old Faithful and Bear World on Monday. It was a little intimidating seeing bears walk right up to our car as we drove through Bear World, but the girls were so excited to see them. They had a five-ride amusement park and the girls were able to walk on each ride and had so much fun. It was a long day and a long drive, but so worth it.


Kristin said...

I got emotional just reading your bog - what a great experience - it is fun to see the progress that Grace is making - Youa re a wonderful Mom!!

scottandgirls said...

Oh my gosh! I cried too hearing that about Grace. How sweet for you and her. I can't imagine what you guys go through. You guys are such great parents to her. She's lucky to have you as parents and you, of coarse, are lucky to have her sweetness in your lives. It sounded like you guys had fun! Welcome back!

Denice and Noah said...

How much fun Marianne! I was choking up reading about happy she FINALLY has her walker!! You are such an amazing mom. Love the family bear picture too!

Andersons said...

What a fun trip. And what an awesome experience for Grace, and everyone else involved! It choked me up reading about it. I am so glad you have a blog now! I have been gone for about a month, and now that I am back in town I will actually start posting something again!

Have a fantastic day!

Becca said...

how fun! i'm so glad you guys had such a good time. your daughter's are adorable. how cute about grace! you guys are such great parents!

Ryan, Summer, McKay, Maddie, Sydney, Abby said...

I know this is late, but thanks so much for coming out to see us. We had such a great time bugs and all! What cute kids!! Love the pictures and the blog.