Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love Notes

Alexa loaned Adelle her broken ipod. Sweet, huh? This was Adelle's response:
She cracks me up! One night we were debating as a family if we wanted to watch "A Bug's Life" or the Olympics. Adelle likes to "take orders" and tally things for us. I just thought it was so adorable how she spelled "Olympics". 
This note is a note Grace wrote to Phillip at school one day. It says "Dear Daddy, I love you! How are You doing? I am glad you are the counselor. From, your daughter Grace" (so sweet!!): 
This next picture needs no words. It totally melted my heart:  
I was really sick with a stomach bug last week, and since Alexa also had a cold she was the designated family member to stay home and take care of Sohpie while I slept and suffered in misery. Phillip left her a little to-do list, and I just thought it was too cute not to share. (I don't know why I can't rotate the picture)


Donna said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Your family is just too adorable! They grow up so fast! So glad you are sharing them with the rest of us! Love you!

val bateman said...

these notes are so so darling. fun to see some blog updates!! miss you guys.