Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet, sweet girls

We just had these pictures taken of the girls and I had to share!


wjlarsens2 said...

You've trained your girls to be so photogenic!!! They are absolutely beautiful, Marianne. I'm proud to call them my nieces!!!

Suzie said...

Can I second what Gina said! :)

Jason Findlay said...

So so cute! I love them! That background is such a good idea and the dresses are adorable (I bought the one you got for Alexa for Lizzy) but the best part is those gorgeous smiles!

Rebekah said...

They are gorgeous girls! Wish I could get one of all three of mine smiling. :)

Britney said...

Just beautiful!!! They are all sooo cute and I love their dresses and how they go together.

Your Christmas card was darling! Thanks so much for sending us one. I was in the Dentist the other day and Suzie and I were talking and said how fun it would be to get together for lunch with you and Denice someday. Maybe this summer?

Love ya,

Dan and Melissa said...

Honestly the most beautiful four sisters I have ever seen!
Congratulations guys.
We miss you.