Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True

Grace has started an intensive physical therapy program at a place in Provo called Now I Can and we are SO EXCITED about the progress she has made! The techniques were brought here from Poland and this facility is the only one like it in the United States. I absolutely love her therapists, especially Sergio (maybe it's because he told me today that I look like I'm in my early twenties. Ha!) and feel so encouraged by the progress she has made. Grace has been in phyiscal therapy programs for her entire life and we have never seen her do the things she has been able to do after only a few days here!

We leave for Provo every morning at 7:00 am and get home around 1:00 pm. She spends four hours a day, Monday through Friday, working so hard and I can see her getting stronger and stronger everyday. Her first couple of days she would scream and cry because the treatment "hurt" her. In reality, the PT's are teaching her body how to move properly and aligning her joints and muscles, and since her body had never felt those sensations her brain wasn't sure how to process them. Now she goes each day and is excited to be there, but those first few days were very difficult for all of us. It is very emotional for me to see Grace experience these new things, and to see the progress she is making. My sweet mom comes with us each day to support me and to help me with the girls. What an angel she is. Sergio is completely confident that in time Grace will walk COMPLETELY unassisted. No walker, no crutches. I feel like every dream I've ever had for Grace is slowly coming true, and I can hardly contain myself.

And thanks to another sweet angel in our lives, we haven't had to pay a penny of this treatment. Now I Can is a non-profit organization, but the sessions are still $100 per hour before insurance kicks in, which translates to $6000 for a three-week session like Grace is having. We feel so blessed to be a part of this foundation and for the help we received to allow Grace this opportunity.

Grace using her "cwuntches"

Grace's first steps!!!!!!!! I love this little girl so much. She really, truly is my hero.


Suzie said...

Marianne, Thanks for making a girl cry at work. I have such confidence in Gracie. She is such a special angel! I'm so proud of her.
You are such good parents to take such good care of her.
God knew that you and Phil were perfect parents for Grace.

emily gibson said...

Yay Gracie (and yay Marianne for being amazing)!!!! Love you both.

wjmom said...

A. Maze. Ing. What else can I say?

Britney said...

Wow, so exciting and inspiring!!!

Congrats, way to go Gracie!

Denice said...

I am just blown away (and crying) Marianne! This is so amazing!! The look on her face when she realizes what she just did..I can't even put that into words! You and Grace are such an inspiration and I admire you and your strength. Love you!

Jason Findlay said...

Marianne that is SOO amazing! We are so happy for all of you. Stop by sometime when you're down here. We'll feed you and let the kids play!
Or if you ever need to leave the kids here while you go with Grace I'm totally willing!


Rebekah said...

THis post brought me to tears. I know how much as a mother we want our children to have everything they need and be able to be their best. I am so happy for you and your family that she is getting to be in this program. What a blessing. Love you Marianne!!