Thursday, February 25, 2010


So our sweet little Adelle has a bad case of eczema on much of her body and I'm so sad. Her dr gave us a prescription for a steroid cream to use during her breakouts, along with a daily full-body Aquaphor massage. I have no problem with the Aquaphor, but hesitate using a steroid cream on my baby! I know it works really well, but I don't want to do it! Does anyone out there have any more natural remedies that have worked on their children? I have an essential oil recipe for massage oil I'm going to try on her, but am also looking for anything else that's been successful for other children.


Tammy said...

My little Grace gets eczema all over her too. This year I finally broke down and filled a prescription for the steroid cream. It worked great and only used it for 3-4 days. But to keep her skin nice we need to slather her in the Aquaphor or Eucerin cream 2-3 times a day or it will come back, at least during our harsh winters. Good luck! If you find something else that works I would love to hear about it!

Dan and Melissa said...

We miss you guys! So sorry about the Monday you wanted to come over ( I only received the message two days afterwards;)
Our little Sharon has bad Eczema...I was also worried about the Steroid cream as well but the dr gave us something called Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1%. It works great and then we use the Hypoallegenic Aveeno stuff that works great!!! So we used the prescription stuff once a day and the regular Aveeno lotion once a day. It's sad that they have to struggle with it so much.

The Ingebretsen's... said...

My friend works for a homeopathic store and she swears by Fish Oil. She mixed the strawberry flavored stuff into her kids yogurt for about 2-3 months every day, and it not only cleared it up, but they no longer even have breakouts after a year! I am going to try it with my baby as well. I've found the steroid clears it up for about a week, but then it comes right back!

The McMullin Family said...

take a vitamin E pill and pop it open, put the vitamin E directly on the spots. I use Aveeno babylotion, fragrance free. everything fragrance free, the perfume will dry things out again.
Also, and this may sound weird, but take a cup of whole milk, one tablespoon of olive oil and put it in the tub with nice warm water. let her just bath in it and it will put a layer of protection on her whole body.
I've had excema my whole life and for really bad outbreaks I had to use the steroid cream or hydrocortisone cream over the counter, but that is only for really bad breakouts. hope, this help.