Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Rohnan!!

Phillip and I have completely lost our minds and adopted a yellow labrador retriever. Crazy!! We've been thinking about getting a puppy for awhile and have been looking around on the internet, then came across this big guy on KSL and fell in love with him. When we saw him and learned more about him we decided an adult dog (he's about five years old) would be much easier than a puppy. So, we met his family and they decided to let us have him! Hooray! I was so nervous all evening, waiting for their call, hoping they would choose us, and acted like a silly little girl when they did. We were really excited because purebred labs are really pricey, but this family gave him to us for free. They already have an older lab and a little girl and decided two dogs was just too much, but still loved him very much. It was so sad when the family dropped him off and the wife left crying. We are very grateful they chose us to be Rohnan's new family, and our girls are absolutely ecstatic!!! Besides, he may be Phillip's only boy!

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