Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hike to Timpanogos Cave

Last month we thought we'd be the funnest parents ever and take the girls up to Timpanogos Cave. Our hike started off great with three happy girls and two happy parents...
It was hot and we were tired and it was SO much working hiking up the mountain with a child on our backs, but it was SO much fun! Then we got to the cave. About two seconds after we entered the cave (and reached the point of no return) Alexa announced that she had to go potty. This was after she had gone potty three times before beginning the hike! I guess I did a good job keeping her hydrated. Then Adelle started crying. Then Adelle started screaming. Then Alexa started crying. Then Phillip and I were in a near panic trying to keep Adelle quiet as her screams were beginning to shake the cave walls and tour-guide Charles was trying to talk. Yeah, not fun. Poor Alexa was just sick she had to go potty so bad and was in absolute misery. Then an angel came to save her. A sweet little ranger noticed Alexa's dilemma and brought her an emergency bag to relieve herself in. So we found a private corner of the cave and helped her do her thing, which ended in more tears because I didn't have any toilet paper or hand sanitizer on me. (Just for the record, the hand sanitizer was a few switchbacks down the trail where we had to leave our backpacks) Adelle continued to cry throughout the entire tour and was very mad at us when it was over.Her sticker says, "I helped protect the caves today!" Yeah, right.

Alexa with her little blue bag. Thank goodness for little blue bags filled with fluid-absorbing gel. Adelle slept through the entire hike down while Grace reached her breaking point. I think the quote of the day was when we were about halfway back down the trail and Grace whines to Phillip, "Daddy, I'm tired of you walking!" Wow.Well, it took a few minutes for me to decide if the trip was worth it and if we were the funnest parents ever, and I answered, "yes!" This will definitely be an outing to remember, and one that we will probably laugh about for years, but I loved being with my girls and being in the mountains!

PS. One high note: Grace stood completely independent for the first time EVER!!! This is an image that brought tears to my eyes and made me cheer loud enough to attract way too much attention!


wjmom said...

I love this post! You are great parents.


Cheri said...

HILARIOUS! I can imagine it was so painful for you and Philip, but yeah, kids can be ridiculous. "I'm tired of YOU walking?!" Hahahaha!

And HOORAY for Grace! How exciting!

Kristin said...

You are a great mom - That is a hard hike! That is so great about Grace... Cheer away!!!

Britney said...

WTG Grace! That' so exciting.

This post just made my day! I loved reading every miserable moment! :)
What a great memory and I adore the picture of Alexa and her "blue bag" soooo funny!

Denice and Noah said...

I am SO glad you were able to catch Grace's big moment on film!! That is so exciting and she looks so cute. :)