Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Pictures

Grace was so sleepy after our long drive home from California that she fell asleep on Alexa's bed reading "Goodnight Moon." What a sweetie.
Alexa was yelling, "mush! mush!" and Grace thought it was the funniest thing ever. (So did I!)

P.S. Adelle FINALLY took her first two steps today! Hooray!!


wjlarsens2 said...

i love your 3 posts--i won't comment on each one, but the dance pictures are priceless~the girls are beautiful and look so happy! it was really good for me to talk to you and phil yesterday. thanks for listening to my "vent" session. love to you- Gina

wjmom said...

Mush, mush!? That is so fabulous!

I love your family!

Lee,Rebekah said...

my girls have the same bedding set! I love it!