Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belated post

We had a wonderful Easter and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather. We spent the evening at my Grandpa and Grandma Mallonee's house with all my mom's family. That morning the girls got to wear their new Easter dresses and I dolled them up a little extra for church. Alexa was feeling so pretty and asked me, "Mommy, do you think the other kids at church will laugh at me?" Our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Why would the kids laugh at you?"
Alexa: "Because I look so pretty"
Me: "The kids won't laugh at you because you look so pretty"
Alexa: "But Mommy, some of the kids might be jealous because they aren't as pretty as I am"
I am so happy that I have a little girl with such high self-esteem! I wish I could bottle it up and give her a little bit each time she needs it as she grows up.
Alexa and Grace had so much fun during the Easter egg hunt (who wouldn't when there are 100 jelly bean-filled eggs to be found by three little kids!)
On April 17th Alexa and Grace had a piano recital at Summerhay's Music Center with Phillip's piano studio. Alexa played "Hopscotch" and Grace played "My Dog Spike", both by Hal Leonard. They both did such a good job and I was so proud of them! This was Alexa's second recital and Grace's first. Grace was so cute when she announced her piece because she said, "My name is Gwace and I will play 'My Dog Spike' by Hal Lenowde".
Phillip ran the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon on the 18th, along with Suzanne, Lindsey, and my father-in-law Donnie. I love when Phillip runs these races because it is so fun for my sisters and me to find places along the route to cheer him on. I waited too long to go to the finish line after cheering him on and I literally plowed over some people just in time to see him run up the chute. I was so proud of him and probably made some woman go deaf from screaming in her ear! This was Suzanne's first race and she did such a good job, finishing 61 seconds past her goal time. This race motivated Lindsey to run a full marathon in a couple months, and was a good race for Donnie to hang his shoes up after. I am so proud of them all for running so well!


Dan and Melissa said...

That is so awesome PHIL! I ran it too (I wish we could have seen you guys there). What a fun experience it was! Marianne, Dan probably was yelling too loud as well (but it made my day;)!
We miss you guys! We found out the other day that the Shaws in our stake know you and Phil very well (he works with Phil at 1800contacts) he only had positive things to say about Phil! Dan and I had to agree!!! What a good man.

Britney said...

Way to go Phil and Suzie! Looks like it was such a nice day!
Can I say how much I LOVE LOVE you comment about bottling Alexa's self esteem right now and give it to her as she grows up. So true!

Mr. Findlay said...

Wow! What a wonderful family!! Just tell those cute little girls to stop growing up so fast!! Congrats Phil!


Lee,Rebekah said...

your girls are so cute and sweet! congrats to your hubby for running the half! I seriously can't believe how grown up Alexa is.

Denice and Noah said...

Congrats to the runners...I am always in awe of anyone who can run. I love Alexa's comment sweet!