Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay, I know...

...I have been a HUGE blog slacker!! I'll do my best to catch up and be brief. Alexa and Grace had a dance recital on December 19th and they were so darn cute! This is Alexa's third year taking dance classes and Grace's first year. Alexa was so cute and sassy up on that stage and loved every second of it. Grace was just as cute as could be and tried so hard to move her little legs. I was so proud of my girls!!

We had a really nice Christmas and spent a lot of time with each of our families. Phillip's family celebrates together on Christmas Eve, while my family celebrates together on Christmas Day. I always feel so grateful that we get along so well with each other's families and that we don't have to worry about contention and disharmony on the holidays. My grandma made Alexa and Grace each a scrapbook and Grace was sooo excited looking at the pictures. She kept yelling, "finallee! It's my birthday!" or, "finallee! I'm in my dress-up!" It was hilarious listening to her yell as loud as she could in her cute, raspy little voice. We absolutely loved all the snow we received during the week of Christmas. My parents were very generous and gave us their old snowblower this year so Phillip kept peeking out the window every few minutes waiting for the snow to be deep enough to clear off. It was so funny seeing all the men in the neighborhood out with their snowblowers at the same time.Adelle has become quite the little diva and is so much fun! She just turned nine months old and I would love to just freeze her at this age for awhile. She has mastered crawling up and down the stairs and is a difficult little girl to contain. I recently re-organized the girls' playroom so that she can play in there now and she just loves being one of the girls. Her absolute favorite thing (next to me!) is taking a bath. She is turning into a little chatterbox and says "bath", "hi", and "dad". When she's not practicing her words she is singing or yelling. Super-cute! I love these pictures of her because they capture a bit of her vibrant personality:

Alexandra has been sick with the stomach flu all week and it has put such a damper on her Christmas vacation. Poor baby has been throwing up constantly and was getting dehydrated so I took her to the e.r. this afternoon. They gave her some anti-nausea meds to help keep her liquids down and she seems to be doing much better this evening. We're all praying so hard that no one else in the family gets it.

School has been going really well for me and has kept me very busy. I am liking massage a lot, but am not enjoying being away from my family so much. I am almost one-fourth of the way through (yea!) and I hope the time goes by quickly. I look forward to graduating and being home with my girls more, but am doing my best to excel in my classes. Suprisingly, the class I was most afraid to take, anatomy and physiology, has turned out to be my favorite!


Denice and Noah said...

I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas..the girls look darling. I really hope the sickness doesn't spread and that you all have a wonderful New Year!

wjmom said...

So sorry Alexa's been sick, and I hope she keeps it to herself!

Happy New Year to you all!