Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween (sorry, I know it's late)

We had such a fun Halloween this year and ended up with way too much candy. I recycled costumes from previous years so Grace and Alexandra wore sunflower costumes I made and Adelle was a pea pod. They all looked so darn cute! The weekend before Halloween we went to a party at Primary Children's Medical Center for the Hydrocephalus Parent Support Group and had such a blast! They provided a hot dog dinner (one of the girls' favorites!) and lots of games. I think their favorite game was the pumpkin walk where they each earned a painted pumpkin. Grace loved hers so much that she even slept with it during her nap the next day!Right after that party we rushed to Phillip's work for the annual trunk-or-treat. We actually missed the trunk-or-treating (which was fine by me!) but still got there in time for the yummy sugar cookies and chocolate milk. They also took tons of family pictures and gave the girls tons of candy so everyone was happy. Halloween night we took the girls trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and pulled Grace in our red wagon. We had dinner with my family and grandparents and had a nice time visiting with them.

Since we were busy preparing to leave for our vacation the next day we didn't have time to carve pumpkins as we had planned. Thankfully Alexa improvised and didn't know that you don't traditionally carve a pumpkin without gutting it first. She was content to just carve a face in it and stick glow-sticks inside to make it glow. It kind of broke my heart at first, but I was so relieved that she didn't know the difference and was still happy. I love how she included cheeks and eyelashes on her pumpkin. She is definitely a girl!


wjlarsens2 said...

Their costumes are adorable! How can you not just crack up every time you see them! You are a good mommy to your girls (and to Phillip too!) love you--

Karly and Nick said...

Really cute! Look at Grace standing with Alexa! She is going so great!