Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lead in my dishes?!

Yep, I just found out that my dinner dishes contain lead. No wonder they were burning hot when coming out of the microwave after 30 seconds! We had a RS activity a couple nights ago and a brother in our ward brought a device that tested for lead in our dishes. And mine showed up containing lead. So, I got to go to IKEA (where NONE of their dishes contain lead, even those made in China) and buy a whole new set of bowls and plates. By the way, my aunt's dinner dishes come from the same manufacturer and have lead in them too. Scary!

I can't help but believe that all the hormones and antibiotics and preservatives in our food, along with the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos and cleaning products are contributing to the many "diseases" we face as a society. What do you think? I'm finding myself trying to live a more green and holistic lifestyle, and steering clear of artificial junk. I know that a lot of people roll their eyes at that type of thinking, and that's ok, but it feels right for me and my family.

PS: These are BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS DISHES from WALMART. You'd think such a respected household name would be more trustworthy!


wjmom said...

I really admire you for doing what you feel is right for yourself and your family.

Jason Findlay said...

I know what you mean. I've been trying to buy organic and whole grain as often as possible. What was the manufacturer of your dishes? Love the girls' halloween costumes!

Phillip, Marianne, and Girls said...

Michelle, they are Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart. Kind of suprising such a household name as Better Homes and Gardens would make such a low-quality product.

Cheri said...

I'm of the same mind. We avoid using any plastic in the microwave or to store our foods in, we have switched from bar soaps and body washes to Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (been around forever, I remember using it at my grandma's house when I was little), try to shampoo less often, buy deoderant without all the metals, we buy milk straight from a farm close by, the list goes on and on. But I feel a lot better about it.